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AlStat – 25% Aluminium Chloride Hemostatic Gel

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AlStat – 25% Aluminium Chloride Hemostatic Gel

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AlStat is a 25% Aluminium Chloride hemostatic gel used for gingival bleeding.


Indications for Use

AlStat hemostatic gel effectively eliminates gingival bleeding. AlStat is recommended for use during crown and veneer preparation.

Directions for Use

1. Place infusor tip on syringe.
2. Rub AlStat hemostatic solution against the bleeding tissues until bleeding stops.
3. Rinse solution off with air/water spray.
4. If using retraction cord, pack cord into the sulcus area around the tooth and leave for 1-3 minutes.
5. Remove retraction cord and spray with air/water. If bleeding persists repeat steps 1-3.
6. Rinse off AlStat, dry and prepare for impression.


TGA Approved – ARTG: 403272 Class 2A

Australian Made

Weight2 kg
Dimensions20 × 20 × 20 cm

AlStat 10 x 1.2 mL Syringes & 20 infusor tips, AlStat 30 mL bulk Syringe & 10 tips, Infusor Tips x 20, Infusor Tips x 100


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