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Bio Lube Advanced Auto-Lube

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Bio Lube Advanced Auto-Lube

Bio Lube Advanced Auto-Lube (Contains 1000 ml lubricant)

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  • Extends turbine life up to 32 months.
  • Eliminates costly repairs.
  • Handpieces run clean, smooth, and quiet.
  • Does not form sticky black residue.
  • Preserves bearings cages and O-rings.
  • Performance exceeds sterilization temperatures.
  • Safe for ALL handpieces and stations.
  • Biodegradable – NO hazardous shipping.
  • No lubrication necessary after sterilization.
  • Economical 1000 ml container.
  • Auto-Lube is formulated for use in the Assistina (W&H), I Care Maintenance System (NSK), Beyes, TPC, and all automatic machines with a reservoir.
Weight2 kg
Dimensions20 × 20 × 20 cm


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