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Bouffant Caps / Hair Nets (53cm) 1 Carton (1,000pcs)

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The perfect essential to buy for your medical practice. Bouffant Caps or medical hairnets are designed and made with lightweight and premium materials to securely keep your hair tucked away.


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Ensure a hygienic workspace with our Bouffant Caps/Hair Nets, an indispensable addition to your medical practice or any environment requiring stringent hygiene standards. Designed with premium, lightweight materials, these caps provide a comfortable and secure way to keep hair tucked away, ensuring optimal protection and cleanliness.

Features and Benefits:

  • Premium Comfort: Crafted from breathable and lightweight polypropylene material, offering superior comfort throughout extended wear.
  • Secure Hair Containment: Efficiently keeps all hair types securely contained, minimizing the risk of contamination in sensitive environments.
  • Fluid Resistance: Offers optimal protection against fluids, making them suitable for a variety of medical and laboratory settings.
  • Bulk Supply: Available in boxes of 1000, ensuring you have a consistent supply for high-demand environments.
  • Versatile Application: Ideal for use in non-fluid contamination environments such as cleanrooms, laboratories, food service areas, and more, where maintaining hygiene is critical.
  • Universal Size: The 53cm size ensures a snug and comfortable fit for a wide range of head sizes and hair volumes.
Weight2 kg
Dimensions20 × 20 × 20 cm
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