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Virtu Tips – Disposable Air/Water Syringe Triplex Tips -250 Pack

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Virtu Tips – Disposable Air/Water Syringe Triplex Tips -250 Pack

Gienic’s disposable Virtu Tips are the best alternative to typical metal autoclavable 3-way tips. Our disposable air/water syringe tips are made in durable material constructed to prevent cross-contamination for patient safety.

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GIENIC’s Virtu Tips is the ultimate performing triplex tip that provides dental practices with efficiencies and is recommended by ADA as best practice in comparison to using reusable, metal tips which can never be autoclaved or sterilised properly. Eliminate suck-back concerns with our premium formulated, 5-star dental performance Virtu tips. Offering precise separation of air and water to prevent cross-contamination, our Virtu tips are suitable for use on a range of syringes and are interchangeable with most metal tips, no conversion is necessary. The high-quality disposable triplex tips guarantee dry air during every use, with separate air and water canals and 5 air channels delivering higher pressure. Bevelled edges also provide patient comfort, with the tips able to be bent to over 140 degrees without loss of function.
  • Reduce cross-contamination by using a new tip for every patient
  • 5 high-pressure air channels to eliminate suck-back concerns
  • Precise separation of air and water to prevent O-ring degradation
  • Quick and efficient installation with no conversion necessary
  • Patient comfort without loss of function
  • Sustained dry air application to prevent corrosion and contaminant adhesion

Why Choose Gienic’s Virtu Tips?

Hear it directly from one of our awesome customers, Dr. Emmanuel or Coburg Hill Oral Care.
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