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Halyard FluidShield N95 (P2) Respirator – Regular Size

$59.90$349.90 exc. GST

Halyard N95 Respirators fit the bill for comfort, protection and quality

  • NIOSH Certified
  • TGA Approved
  • N95 (95% Filter Efficiency)
  • P2 (Australian Standard Equivalent to N95)
  • Level 3 Fluid Resistance
  • Duck Bill Shaped
  • Metal Nose Piece
  • Double Elastic Head Bands
  • Latex Free

Box of 35 Respirators, 210 Respirators Per Carton (6 Boxes X 35 Respirators)


Halyard N95 Respirators fit the bill for comfort, protection and quality

Comfort: Comfort is a critical factor when considering n95 respirator brand choice. Healthcare workers in high-risk environments need distraction-free PPE, allowing focus on the patient and the task at hand. Mask discomfort can lead to adjustment and compliance issues, increasing the risk of occupationally acquired infection. Of the two main n95 respirator mask shapes available: cone and duckbill; the duckbill shape offers a significantly larger internal breathing environment.

Twice the breathing space: Halyard FluidShield surgical n95 respirators feature a duckbill shaped breathing chamber that is more than twice as large as the leading competitive surgical n95 respirator. Make sure you select the Halyard FluidShield n95 duckbill respirator for comfort and compliance.

Lighter on the face: a heavy n95 respirator can feel cumbersome and uncomfortable, requiring additional adjustments to keep it in place. Halyard FluidShield surgical n95 respirators are 10%-21% lighter than leading competitor n95 respirators.

Less fogging frustration: myopia is increasing globally, with a high prevalence in the Asia pacific region. For healthcare workers wearing glasses, fogging can be a direct issue associated with mask use, leading to distraction and irritation. A secure fit around the face is critical to reduce fogging. The Halyard FluidShield surgical n95 respirator molds to create a mask-to-face seal, perfectly sculpted to the individual wearer, supporting less fogging frustration.

Easy to shape: the effectiveness of respirators relies on the mask-to-face seal. Halyard FluidShield surgical n95 respirators feature a malleable aluminium nose wire along the top of the mask, adapting to the contours of the face and supporting an individual fit. In addition, the latex-free head straps are securely bonded, not stapled to the mask, providing a secure and comfortable fit.

Less irritation: mask use can lead to skin irritation, for healthcare workers with sensitive skin. Halyard FluidShield surgical n95 respirator components have been tested to meet ISO standard 10993-10, designed to assess medical devices and their constituent materials, regarding their potential to produce irritation and skin sensitization.

Protection: Not all n95 respirators offer the same level of protection. The covid-19 pandemic and subsequent high rates of infection amongst healthcare workers, has highlighted that health facilities cannot compromise on PPE protection for their staff. With superior performance exceeding NIOSH standards, the Halyard FluidShield surgical n95 respirator offers the highest level of respiratory and fluid protection.

Fluid resistance: An unrated n95 respirator can leave healthcare workers exposed where the risk of fluid arises, particularly in unpredictable settings such as ICU, or an emergency. Studies show fluid strikes the face area of or staff on average 45-51% of the time. Halyard FluidShield surgical level 3 n95 respirators provide the highest recognised level of protection from splash, offering ASTM level 3 (160mmhg) protection.

Protection that exceeds NIOSH standards: The covid-19 pandemic has seen a significant increase in the supply of masks that fail to comply with regulatory standards. NIOSH (national institute for occupational safety and health) is the leading agency certifying safety and performance of respirators. NIOSH tests ensure an n95 respirator provides at least 95% filtration efficiency, at 0.3 microns. All Halyard FluidShield surgical n95 respirators are NIOSH approved, exceeding NIOSH filtration and breathability standards. 100% of Halyard FluidShield surgical n95 respirators are FDA cleared medical devices for use in healthcare settings, (not industrial grade respirators) and meet the CDC guidelines for tuberculosis exposure control.

Chemotherapy protection: Chemotherapy drugs can represent a significant health risk to operating theatre staff. When a patient has received chemotherapy and requires surgery, the surgical team involved requires protection against exposure to potentially carcinogenic fluids that may cause chromosomal damage. Halyard FluidShield surgical level 3 n95 respirators are tested against 7 commonly used chemotherapy drugs. Note: when cytotoxic drugs are being administered as an aerosol, OSHA recommends use of powered air purifying respirators only.

Attracts and retains smaller microns: Viruses present at varying particle sizes. The most challenging particle size to capture via filter media is 0.3 microns. Designed with a layer of electro statically charged filter media, Halyard FluidShield surgical n95 respirators attract and secure at least 95% of all particles, even those at 0.3 microns.

Quality: High performance and proven quality you can trust. The most important element in selecting an n95 respirator mask, is the confidence of knowing you are protected by outstanding quality.

Facemasks are our heritage: As a global market leader and manufacturer of face masks, Halyard FluidShield has been designing and optimising facial protection for over 20 years. Our deep expertise pioneering infection prevention products ensures ongoing quality and consistent, superior performance. Halyard FluidShield sets the benchmark for n95 respirator quality

Stringent internal design protocols: Halyard FluidShield internal design test protocols go above and beyond NIOSH requirements, providing a high level of confidence in product performance for healthcare workers. Halyard FluidShield surgical n95 respirators are engineered to perform to stringent internal testing protocols.

Ideal for stockpiling: As the covid-19 pandemic has shown, it is difficult to predict when a widespread infectious disease outbreak will occur. The best strategy for any healthcare facility is to be prepared by stockpiling critical personal protective equipment (PPE). Halyard FluidShield surgical n95 respirators have a 5-year shelf life, fold flat for compact storage and require less overall storage space. Other leading respirators require at least 40% more storage space for the same number of respirators.

Vertically integrated raw materials: Halyard FluidShield manufacturing plants are all vertically integrated, enabling end-to-end control of the entire supply chain. This includes the manufacture of raw materials such as nonwoven fabric, ensuring best practice mask construction and outstanding quality control. Halyard FluidShield surgical n95 respirators offer consistent, reliable supply.


Weight2 kg
Dimensions20 × 20 × 20 cm

Box of 35, Carton of 210

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