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Premier Disinfectant Wipes - Alcohol Free (100 Large Wipes per Pack)


Premier detergent and disinfectant wipe is a proven, single-step solution for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces and equipment. Our new, gentler formula has been optimised for use in both clinical and non-clinical settings whilst killing at least 99.999% of pathogens. Our wipes are tested and approved by the TGA (ARTG Aust L 337692) for, among other things, use against CoV-1 and 2.
Our specially designed formula is kinder on materials with a newly developed, soft apertured polyester substrate that boasts superior formulation retention, and extremely good traction to pick up dirt, bacteria and other nasty pathogens. Combined with a softer formulation that will not dry or damage surfaces and is safe for use on medical devices, Reynard Premier Disinfectant wipes provide a safe, easy to use, cost-effective infection control solution.
Premier wipes have undergone extensive testing and are:
– Bactericidal
– Fungicidal
– Virucidal

*6 Packs per Carton, please order in Multiples of 6.

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33x22cm wipe.

Soft Pack (100 Wipes per pack)

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