Cranberry S3 Cucumber Scented Ear Loop Face Mask (Ctn 400/ 8 boxes of 50)

$86.51 exc. GST

Soft Feel, great for sensitive skin and easy to breathe.

S3 ear loop face masks are designed with healthy skin in mind with exclusive S3 features that provide skin soothing benefits. S3 offers ASTM Level 2 protection, providing > 99% bacterial and particle filtration with our Breath EZ filter for exceptional breathing efficiency.

  • Level 2
  • Colour – Lavender
  • 50 masks to a box, 8 boxes per carton

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S3 ear loop face mask Water active skin care ingredients are designed to disassociate and naturally moisturise and nourish your skin through internal air circulation created by natural breathing process.

Carton of 8 boxes – 50 masks per box

Colour Lavender

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