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NeedleOff Starter kit

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NeedleOff Starterkit – 1x NeedleOff, 2x Sharptainer, 1x Gripper Cassette. (Please Allow 15 working Days For Delivery)

The portable and intuitive NeedleOff device works with any threaded dentistry syringe. Designed to be used with only a single hand, the contaminated needle is inserted immediately after the procedure. NeedleOff locks the needle and automatically twists it off the syringe. After confirmed separation, the contaminated needle is dropped into the integrated Sharptainer for disposal

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Introducing the NeedleOff Starter kit – a revolutionary solution for safe and efficient needle disposal in the field of dentistry. This comprehensive kit includes 1x NeedleOff device, 2x Sharptainer containers, and 1x Gripper Cassette, providing you with everything you need to enhance your needle management practices. With a focus on portability and user-friendliness, the NeedleOff Starterkit is designed to optimize your workflow and prioritize patient safety.

At the heart of this kit is the NeedleOff device, a cutting-edge tool that seamlessly integrates with any threaded dentistry syringe. Its intuitive design allows for single-handed operation, making it incredibly easy to use. Immediately after the dental procedure, simply insert the contaminated needle into the NeedleOff device. The device then securely locks the needle in place and automatically twists it off the syringe, ensuring a swift and hassle-free separation process.

The NeedleOff Starterkit also includes two Sharptainer containers, which are specifically engineered to provide a safe and convenient disposal solution for the contaminated needles. These containers are integrated with the NeedleOff system, allowing you to drop the separated needles directly into them without the risk of accidental needlestick injuries. With their robust construction and leak-proof design, the Sharptainer containers offer a reliable and hygienic method for disposing of used needles.

To further enhance the efficiency of your needle management, the NeedleOff Starterkit comes with a Gripper Cassette. This cassette provides a secure storage space for multiple contaminated needles, enabling you to collect and dispose of them in a controlled and organized manner. The Gripper Cassette can be easily attached to the NeedleOff device, ensuring that you have a designated area to store the separated needles until disposal.

By utilizing the NeedleOff Starterkit, you can streamline your needle disposal process, saving valuable time and reducing the risk of accidental needlestick injuries. Its portable nature allows you to carry it with you wherever you go, ensuring that proper needle management is maintained in any dental setting. This not only promotes a safe working environment for dental professionals but also enhances patient confidence and satisfaction.

In summary, the NeedleOff Starterkit is a game-changer in the field of needle disposal. Its portable and intuitive design, compatibility with any threaded dentistry syringe, and automatic needle separation make it an indispensable tool for dental professionals. With the integrated Sharptainer containers and Gripper Cassette, the kit offers a complete solution for efficient and hygienic needle management. Upgrade your needle disposal practices today with the NeedleOff Starterkit and experience a new level of convenience, safety, and patient care.

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