Chromatic Alginate 453g

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Made in Italy and is very smooth making it great to work with.


Aroma: Vanilla/Mint.

Color: Light Blue.

Superior elasticity and tear resistance.

Stabilized hypoallergenic formula.

High flow and easy mixing.

Excellent biocompatibility.

Dust-free powder for safe working and cleaning ease.

Excellent gypsum compatibility.

Very high compressive strength and recovery from deformation.


Mixing Time: 35 Seconds

Working Time: 1 min 20 sec

Minimum Setting Time in mouth: 40 Seconds

Initial Setting Time: 1 min 20 sec

Total Setting Time: 2 Minutes
High precision alginate for impressions with chromatic phase indicator.

Thanks to the MAP technology (modified atmosphere packaging) the product shelf life is 6 years.

The excellent dimensional stability allows casting of the impressions after 5 days (if correctly stored in sealed container).



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