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Sharptainer 4-Pack

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Sharptainer 4-Pack                                   

The Sharptainer offers a high capacity of up to 400 needles for prolonged uninterrupted use. The smart design ensures the Sharptainer is automatically closed whenever it’s removed from NeedleOff, before it’s permanently sealed for disposal. The Sharptainer includes wireless medical waste tracking options.             (Please Allow 15 working Days For Delivery)

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ntroducing the SHARPTAINER 4-Pack – the ultimate solution for high-capacity and safe disposal of needles. With its smart design, wireless tracking options, and seamless compatibility with the NeedleOff system, the SHARPTAINER offers unparalleled convenience and peace of mind. Upgrade your needle management practices today and experience the efficiency, reliability, and safety provided by the SHARPTAINER 4-Pack.

Key Features:

  1. High capacity for prolonged use: The SHARPTAINER can accommodate up to 400 needles, ensuring uninterrupted disposal without frequent replacements. This high-capacity design optimizes efficiency and minimizes interruptions during dental procedures.
  2. Smart closure system: The SHARPTAINER is designed with an intelligent mechanism that automatically closes whenever it is removed from the NeedleOff device. This feature adds an extra layer of safety by ensuring that the container is securely sealed before disposal, preventing any potential exposure to contaminated needles.
  3. Wireless medical waste tracking: With wireless tracking options, the SHARPTAINER enables efficient monitoring of medical waste disposal. This feature enhances compliance with regulations and facilitates seamless record-keeping, simplifying waste management processes.
  4. Seamless compatibility with NeedleOff: The SHARPTAINER is specifically designed to work in harmony with the NeedleOff system. When used together, they provide a comprehensive solution for safe and efficient needle disposal. The SHARPTAINER seamlessly integrates with the NeedleOff device, allowing for easy and hygienic transfer of separated needles.

By choosing the SHARPTAINER 4-Pack, dental professionals can ensure optimal needle management and disposal practices. With its high capacity, smart closure system, wireless tracking options, and compatibility with the NeedleOff system, this pack offers a complete and efficient solution for dental clinics and practitioners.

Upgrade your needle disposal practices today with the SHARPTAINER 4-Pack and experience the convenience, safety, and peace of mind it brings to your dental procedures. Prioritize patient safety, enhance workflow efficiency, and simplify waste management with this cutting-edge solution.


Weight2 kg
Dimensions20 × 20 × 20 cm


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