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The Virtues of Virtu Tips

virtu tips - dental syringe tips

The Inside Story on Metal Syringe Tips

Many dental procedures involve contact between instruments and the patient’s tissues, blood and saliva, all of which can contain potentially harmful pathogenic micro-organisms. Air/water syringe tips can be used in any type of dental care and administer air and water to the oral cavity in order to dry tooth surfaces, as well as removing debris for increased visibility. They may be disposable (plastic) or reusable (stainless steel or plastic). Certain medical instruments, such as forceps, mirrors and clamps, are relatively easy to sterilise. However, instruments containing crevices, joints or narrow lumen are difficult to access for decontamination purposes. Despite metal tips able to be sterilised, their lumens are almost impossible to clean due to the suck-back effect, resulting in biofilm formation and accumulation inside the lumens. Inadequate cleaning and/or sterilisation of the metal tips, results in increased exposure of cross infection between patients. pathogens remain in metal syringe tips virtu tips Another factor prevalent to the cross-infection risks of reusable syringe tips is corrosion. Exposure to elements such as air and water can result in the deterioration and weakening of the dental instrument, followed by the creation of a roughened surface internally that permits the adhesion of contaminants. The design of reusable metal tips, and their repeated insertion and removal, has also been found to degrade the O-ring inside the syringe, which separates the air and water. This leads to water leaking into the air supply, compromising the success of restorative procedures and diminishing the application of dry air. With studies finding that reusable syringe tips have significantly (p<0.05) greater bacterial contamination than single-use disposable tips, guidelines by the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have recommended the use of disposable air/water syringe tips to reduce pathogen transmission risk to subsequent patients. Research by the Dental Advisor Biomaterials Research Centre revealed that microbial contamination was detected in approximately 10% of the metal air/water syringe tips tested, strongly re-enforcing the necessity to clean lumens of reusable tips before heat sterilization. Inability to clean the lumens therefor provides strong support for routine use of disposable air/water syringe tips. Guidelines for Infection Control by the Australian Dental Association (ADA) stated that
‘disposable triple syringe tips are preferred due to efficiency reasons (difficulty of cleaning and challenge to air removal and steam penetration).’ ‘Ultrasonic cleaning does not remove all bioburden from within the lumen of metal triple syringe tips, so accumulation of internal bioburden over time could potentially occur.
Many practices find disposable plastic triple syringe tips easier to use and more convenient than metal syringe tips thus enhancing infection control.’

Separate the Elements with Disposable Air/Water Tips

Our disposable air/water syringe tips are designed to eliminate what an autoclave can’t: cross contamination. Providing infection protection and dry air on demand, our Virtu and Clari tips fit tightly over a variety of instrument shapes and surfaces. Furthermore, they are easy to dispense and can be seamlessly changed quickly, saving valuable time otherwise wasted on processing and sterilising metal tips. Listed below are the unique advantages of our Virtu and Clari Tip options:

Virtu Tips:

The virtues of Virtu Tips – the ultimate performing triplex tip that provides dental practices with efficiencies and recommended by ADA as best practice in comparison to using reusable, metal tips which can never be autoclaved or sterilised properly. Eliminate suck-back concerns with our premium formulated, 5-star dental performance Virtu tips. Offering precise separation of air and water to prevent cross contamination, our Virtu tips are suitable for use on a range of syringes and are interchangeable with most metal tips, no conversion necessary. The high-quality single-use tip guarantees dry air during every use, with separate air and water canals and 5 air channels delivering higher pressure. Bevelled edges also provide patient comfort, with the tips able to be bent to over 140 degrees without loss of function.
  • Reduce cross-contamination by using a new tip for every patient
  • 5 high pressure air channels to eliminate suck-back concerns
  • Precise separation of air and water to prevent O-ring degradation
  • Quick and efficient installation with no conversion necessary
  • Patient comfort without loss of function
  • Sustained dry air application to prevent corrosion and contaminant adhesion

Clari Tips:

Our affordable Clari tips are a popular choice amongst dental practitioners seeking price over performance. Suitable for use on a range of syringes and interchangeable with most metal tips, our single-use Clari tips eradicate sterilisation time and reduces the risk of moisture damage and cross contamination during procedures with a rapid and secure tip replacement.
  • Save time by not having to sterilise reusable, metal tips
  • Prevent corrosion through separating air and water elements
  • Affordably priced by minimising wear and tear service fees
  • Interchangeable application suitable for use on a range of syringes

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    Customer Testimonial

    “We have recently changed over to Virtu tips and everyone loves them. They have more pressure compared to what we were previously using. For us Virtu tips have been a win/ win with cost and performance, our Professor has been impressed with them since we have introduced them.” ~ Dental University Virtu Tips VS Metal Syringe Tips

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